Hello! We are Rethinker Hello! We are Rethinker

Rethinker.co is an international network organization

Our Rethinkers combine cutting-edge strategic thinking with world-class creativity and a passion for business success. We can help you rethink, refocus, and re-energize your business.

Develop a new competitive strategy, that will profit from the new business environment.

But strategy is nothing without execution. At Rethinker.co we will execute all that is necessary to realise a successful strategy implementation.

Peter Barratt-Jones

Peter Barratt-Jones has been a CEO, entrepreneur, creative strategy director, innovator and business strategist for more than 40 years.


English by birth, Peter studied as a graphic designer in London and moved to Holland in the late 70s. Here he set up Two’s Company. This became Holland’s largest privately owned creative agency with 5 centres of excellence in Europe. With deep experience working for the world’s most successful brands, he works with forward-thinking companies to deliver business solutions that refresh, re-energize, refocus and drive measurable business results.

E-mail: peter@rethinker.co

Skype: pbarrattjones

E-mail: jacko@rethinker.co

Skype: jacko.dagnolo

Jacko D’Agnolo

Jacko D’Agnolo is the Customer-first Strategist from Rethinker. He has over 30 years of working experience in different fields of business. He has been Managing Partner of  Boer & Croon. Furthermore he held several management positions. As co-founder and CEO he started several businesses that can be characterised as innovative for their time and sector. He is a real customer thinker, ‘outside in’.

Sally Dipple

“For the last 3 decades Sally has been helping companies grow their business at home and abroad.


Sally is a truely international marketeer, with experience gained throughout Europe, where she has lived and worked during her career. She is fluent in French and Italian and has business Spanish.  As well as having worked worked extensively across Europe, she has also managed business development projects in Asia, America and of course in the UK.


Her unique international expertise has enabled her to build strong brand strategies , drive export business, introduce new products and develop new markets for such leading brands as The Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark Scots Whisky , Ferrero, Edinburgh Crystal, Berghaus (The Pentland Group) and Ideal Standard. Working with third party distribution and clients overseas, she has found and launched distributors and agents in new markets in several sectors.


Sally has been the energy behind important new product development, market development and product launches.” 

E-mail: sally@rethinker.co.uk

Skype: sallydipple

Rethinker is a network of brilliant minds.

All mission critical to create business success in the new economy.

Ideas are nothing if you cannot implement them!

Our team is equipped to build, host, integrate and maintain

ground-breaking projects using our flexible world-wide network.

We combine strategy and implementations as an integrated

solution to ensure effectiveness and consistency.

An important integrated approach that will create business success for you!

Clear-focused strategy

In-house production

Total consistency

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