Time for a blue ocean strategy? Time for a blue ocean strategy?

If you go on doing what you are doing,

you will go on getting what you are getting!

In the old days the future was just an extension of the past. Not so, today.

It’s all change, hype-competition, global competition, internet, consumer power, new rules.

Rethinker combines in her creative business thinking the principles of blue ocean strategy and blue economy.

We create a new way of thinking, a new strategic mind-set that charts a bold new path to winning

the future, including a combination of ecological, social and economic sustainability.




Think differently

To succeed today we need to radically reshape the way we do business. Emphasis now lies with product innovation and superior marketing.In the old days a lot of business was based on ‘what we did last year’ and excel sheet predictions! A rational business.

In our new world we need a new type of thinking – creative business thinking. Just look at the huge success of creative idea driven companies like Apple or Tesla. Isn’t it time for more creativity in your business? At the board level?

We help companies to drive growth through

the power of creativity and strategic thinking

Every company wants to grow its business and pursue a successful strategy for the future.

But it is not always clear to them how to do that. We provide the ‘how’ by helping them figure

out what’s next for their business – and the only way to do that is through creativity.

Peter Barratt-Jones is founder of rethinker.co.

A company that helps companies dramatically grow their business –

using the power of creativity and strategy innovation.

Time to change the game

There’s a global revolution going on.

And another one on its way! One that’s transforming the way we live and work.

We can’t slow it. We can’t stop it. And really why would we try?

It’s giving us huge opportunities to rethink everything.

What we do now and how we do it.

We never forget in the new economy, it is all about the customer